Facebook deletes fake child-cancer posts accounts  |   FBI pressured on cost of iPhone hack tool  |   EE shows off helium balloon mobile masts  |   Lemur facial recognition tool developed  |   Driverless Roborace car crashes at speed in Buenos Aires  |   Verizon and Yahoo agree $350m price cut  |   Watchdog to pursue essay-cheat websites  |   YouTube ditches unskippable 30-second ads  |   Snap Spectacles roll out ahead of IPO  |   Iran bans private drones from skies over Tehran amid security fears  |   Warning on used cars failing to forget old owners  |   Guru Brian Krebs' attackers sentenced for data theft  |   Google and Bing to demote pirate sites in UK web searches  |   Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules  |   ZTE scraps 'design our smartphone' crowdfunding campaign  |   Ford developing pothole alert system for drivers  |   Parents told to destroy 'spy' dolls  |   Facebook algorithms 'will identify terrorists'  |   Zuckerberg: My Facebook manifesto to re-boot globalisation  |   Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested in South Korea  |   The colour-changing hair dye and other tech news  |   Search engines to 'demote' pirate websites  |   Sky taxi to fly in Dubai 'from July'  |   What Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg told the BBC  |   India races to get robots moving on the moon  |   Gibraltar seizes Russian's superyacht over German debt claim  |   Separation from your phone 'makes you stressed within minutes'  |   BBC reporter v Game of Thrones' Bjornsson  |   The flatpack robot that could explore planets  |   How a Nasa Starshade could help find exoplanets  |  

21 | 02 | 2017
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Read the in-house road-test of the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

See how it performs and how it will relate you you, with information and screenshots to give you a feel of the latest offering from MS. 

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Backup your e-books, it seems Amazon can not only close your account, but block access to your purchased books that you use on your Kindle. No explanation, no forewarning and no refund is the order of the day for some customers who find thier new e-reader may be left as a useless ornament.....

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