Piracy fighters battle Kodi 'epidemic'  |   Commissioner: UK 'must avoid data protection Brexit'  |   Army of webcams used in net attacks  |   Could 3D printed hair follicles help with hair loss?  |   Samsung in US 'exploding washing machines' probe  |   No Man's Sky investigated over 'misleading' adverts  |   Google, Facebook, Amazon join forces on future of AI  |   Blackberry stops designing its own phones  |   Europol warns of Android tap-and-go thefts  |   Price comparison sites to be probed by watchdog  |   Shutter falls on life-logging camera start-up Narrative  |   Europol report reveals rise in child sex abuse online  |   Trump Jr's Skittles graphic deleted from Twitter  |   DJI's Mavic Pro fold-up drone detects obstacles  |   Apple to create London home at Battersea Power Station  |   Pepe the Frog meme branded a 'hate symbol'  |   Facebook told to stop collecting German WhatsApp data  |   Samsung reveals 60% of 'unsafe' Galaxy Notes exchanged  |   Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test  |   Materials programmed to shape shift  |   Pepper robot learns to catch ball in a cup and other news  |   Timeline: How did Blackberry get here?  |   The rise and fall of the Blackberry handset  |   The companies revolutionising how we make mobile calls  |   Smartphone locks cracked by Israel's Cellebrite  |   Is the party over for free wi-fi in cafes?  |   The rise and fall of the Blackberry in popular culture  |   Is anyone really drilling earphone jacks into their iPhone?  |   The tech behind Kubo and the Two Strings  |   AI creates movie trailer and other tech news  |  

29 | 09 | 2016
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Read the in-house road-test of the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

See how it performs and how it will relate you you, with information and screenshots to give you a feel of the latest offering from MS. 

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Backup your e-books, it seems Amazon can not only close your account, but block access to your purchased books that you use on your Kindle. No explanation, no forewarning and no refund is the order of the day for some customers who find thier new e-reader may be left as a useless ornament.....

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